Monday, September 16, 2013

First day of school at BYU Idaho

First day of BYU Idaho was a success, I am finally falling in love with my current reality. Earlier, I was struggling with this new adjustment. I missed my Mom and I missed being around my friends that I can have real conversations with. Now, I am enjoying myself. My apartment is amazing, at least 10x better than Wyview and my roommates are hysterically funny. There's one that I absolutely cannot get enough of. At first she was a little distant from me but as soon as I broke into her we became good friends. She has the driest, smartest humor that makes me double over in tears. Like Loreli, she can bring out the goofiest side of me. Watch out, Rexburg.

Anywho. I love my classes so far but most of all I love my schedule. Unlike my ill-planned summer schedule, I can actually sleep in. On Mondays and Wednesdays my first class (Book of Mormon) starts at 12:45 then I have science foundations (whatever that means) at 4:30. Why is my life so good? Tuesdays and Thursdays are not so laid back but they definitely beat any other schedule that I have ever had. My first class, social problems, starts at 9:45. Then I go to my college reading class at 11:30 and after that I have American foundations (American heritage) at 3:15. Two words: giddy up. So far I really like my professors and my classmates. I didn't get lost which was a relief.

I went with my roommates to this ward social tonight and it was super fun. Michelle, my funny roommate, brought out that goofy side of me so it was super fun. She seriously cracks me up like an egg and I lose fear of how I am coming across to others. It is liberating. After the ward social, five out of six of us drove through this rural part of Rexburg and Hibbard and I feel like I really want to live there. Maybe not in Idaho but somewhere just as rural and vacant. As much as I love people, I would love to have a house that was more secluded in the country. It's so peaceful and thought-provoking.

Well I hope everyone is doing okay. If you ever need someone to talk about philosophy, humanity or family problems feel free to call me. Those are some of my favorite things to talk about. Have a wonderful week!