Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have never laughed harder in my life (just kidding)

My abs are killing me from my excessive laughter from the last two days. My old self is starting to return and I'm feeling a lot better emotionally. Yesterday, I was laughing so hard in my Spanish class since I sit next to my friend, Lorali, and we are constantly quoting Nacho Libre. I drink so much water in that class so it's honestly a miracle that I haven't peed my pants yet. We tend to start off the class with hushed giggles but it inevitably comes to a point where I am doubled over with my eyes watering. Today I was laughing so hard with my roommate, Lara. I honestly had no idea that we would become such good friends. For instance, I asked her if she could do the Spongebob dance and she says "oh, the cramp?" And she starts crumpling up. I was on the ground in a matter of seconds, laughing hysterically. She seriously cracks me up like an egg and I think we have the same laugh.

Today I had an Emilee moment during FHE. We went to Pizza Pie Cafe to do Karaoke night, but before we went inside we played some games. One of the games that we played was the question game where you ask a person to your left a question and you can't laugh. The girl that was on my right kept asking the most bizarre questions which kept throwing me off. I kept trying to think of legitimate questions but I have such a hard time thinking on the spot. When it was my turn I asked the girl next to me "are you cars?" Ummmm.... what was that?! Once again in a matter of seconds I was on the ground laughing out of control. My life is so classic.

Anywho. Things are looking up. I started to laugh in the shower again the other day so that was a good sign. My writing professor loved my opinionated editorial but my oral test for Spanish was a bomb. Near the end of the test he had me ask him questions and all I could think of was cual es tu nombre and como estas. That was no bueno. However, the actual test wasn't that bad and a lot of it I knew. Dance is going extremely well,  I absolutely love the choreography that we learn and I'm grateful for my dancer brain.

Lately I have been more aware of how much I had before I moved out of my childhood. Every time I see or talk to my Mom, an immense feeling of love and gratitude envelopes my heart for the woman that has been there for me through thick and thin. I know it's not Mother's day nor is it her birthday but I still want to let her know how much she means to me. I feel like she's the only one that really understood me in almost every aspect of my life. Our experiences are so similar that we often compare and contrast them together. I love my Mom so much and I love how real we are with each other. Thanks Mom for teaching me how to live authentically. 

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